A Life of Libraries

Libraries have been part of my life from the very start.

  1. Born into Libraries

    My birth was announced in the Mystic & Noank Library newsletter.

  2. Kicked out of Two Story Time

    As a toddler I was regularly kicked out of Two Story Time by my mom, the volunteer running the sessions.

  3. First Library Card

    I got my first library card at age 3. To get the card, you had to be able to “sign” your name.

    My first patron record was a physical card, which I now own, on which my school year was listed as “story time.”

  4. Volunteering

    I began volunteering at the Mystic & Noank Library for the summer reading program and then learned general library aide tasks to be of use while spending my summers in the library. Between 1994 and 2006 I volunteered for the summer reading program, events and as an aide.

  5. Work Study

    My first paid library job was my work study job at the Alumni Library, Simon’s Rock.

    Between 2002 and 2006 I worked at the circulation desk, digitizing and uploading materials for course reserves and on various projects around the library. I also sat on the circulation desk and loved using the electric typewriter.

  6. Fetch! The Folger

    My first job at of college was working at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC.

    I spent half my week attending to readers in the reading room helping them use finding aides, the room-sized art card catalogue, the OPAC, foam cradles and book weights. The other half of the week I re-housed materials, and fetched (yup, official job description) rare materials from the vaults underground and once again, various projects around the library.

    The best part of working there was hearing just how excited readers would be when they found something they were looking for. The worst part was walking into the humidity of the summer air in DC after working all day in climate control: the water in the air condescend on your skin!

  7. Grad School

    I attended the University of Pittsburgh for my MLIS, with a specialization in Academic Libraries. My field placement was in the Hillman Library, in part creating a lesson plan that was used in the required first year orientation program for just under 3,500 students!.

  8. A Career!

    A career!